About us

history. in the making.


“Quality is like buying oats.  If you want nice, fresh,

clean oats, you must pay a fair price.  If you can be satisfied with oats that have already been through the horse,

well, that comes a little cheaper.”  – Bud Wind

Since our founding in 1948, Michael Todd & Company has been Helping Maintain America's Beautiful Communities by providing innovative products and quality service for municipalities, counties, universities, hospitals, school districts and construction industries throughout the country.  From our humble beginnings we’ve grown to become your one-stop shop.


Michael Todd & Company doesn’t sell oats. And we guarantee that our products have never been through a horse!  We believe that our quality products coupled with our personal service will give you the best value for your dollar.  We want you to have the freshest highway markings, the cleanest sweeper brooms, and the sweetest hardhat hair in the business.

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